Airport delays…

So an hour from the airport, but two hours from Albany, I get a phonecall from Virgin Atlantic customer care:

“Hello Sir – about your flight VS002 to London at 21:25 – the flight is now at 23:40”

Just Wonderful… thank goodness I have Virgin Club house (lounge) access… where I am sitting typing this (albeit on paid Boingo as the free Wi-Fi is broken).

As it is, flight currently scheduled for 00:00 – apparently the inbound flight is the cause – a medical emergency diverted it soon after takeoff from Heathrow, and it landed in Shannon before resuming its trip to New York.

At least Virgin’s Clubhouse staff keep your glass topped up and your appetite sated – appetizers delivered to your seat, hot dinner buffet served at 8pm, dessert cart about 45 minutes later.

As for Newark Duty Free – need to work out how to complain about their lack of customer service. Newark has an odd “pass through” arrangement where your purchases are sealed and shipped Airside for collection at a kiosk at the gate. Problem is, the kiosk closes at 10pm – an hour and a half AFTER I will be getting to the gate… needless to say I gave up on my purchases.

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